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          LBM was founded in 2004. After decades of ups and downs and the concerted efforts of all staff, LBM has accumulated excellent corporate culture. This is the valuable spiritual wealth of LBM and the driving force for the constant development and expansion of the cause.

          Today, facing the profound changes in the internal and external environment of the enterprise, LBM actively conforms to the new normal state of the economy. On the basis of widely solicit the opinions of managers and employees, a profound reflection and systematic combing of the original culture has been carried out to form a new era of the force Bo's cultural concept system.

          The new concept system includes: enterprise spirit, policy, business philosophy, values and so on.



    Enterprise spirit: the same boat together to create brilliance

    Enterprise policy: honesty, efficiency, quality and innovation

    Business philosophy: demand stems from trust and integrity creates success.

    Value concept: happy life and return to society

    Standards of Leadership: Virtue and sea, wisdom and prudence

                                               The trust is a thousand gold, the benevolence can help the world

                                               Courageously may be in danger and are as strict as the army

    Staff pledge: sincere tolerance, dedication, unity and mutual help, beyond self

    Proverbs: "as long as the spirit does not slide, the solution is always more difficult than that."

    Address:Huilongguan Town,Changping District,Beijing

    Website:http://www.lifetimereelweddings.com Fax:010-81762732 Email:mail@liboming.com