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    Visit and Study in JingTang Port:—The 15th Anniversary of LBM is Successfully Ended

    time:2019-10-14 clink:0

          From September 28 to 30, 2019, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the motherland's birthday, Beijing LBM Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. organized all staff to visit and study the Jingtang Port Project in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, and held the 15th anniversary summary meeting of the company.

          It has been five years since the company was founded 10 years (2014). Over the past five years, the company has undergone tremendous changes: the establishment of two departments, namely, the Department of Atmospheric Affairs and the Department of Water-saving Irrigation. Its business field has gradually expanded from port terminal to dust removal in steel mills, agricultural irrigation and non-organized emissions. It has developed a high-pole lamp lift control system and applied for patented technology of ESP.

          In the summary meeting, the chairman and the managers of each department summarized and reviewed the development of the company in recent years, made a prospect for the future, formulated a new five-year plan, and pointed out the direction of struggle for all employees.


    LBM 15th Anniversary Summary Conference


    A group photo of the winners of the 15th Anniversary Literature Award


    Chairman's review of the company's development and future prospects

    On the evening of the same day, the company organized all staff to visit the high-pole lighting project at berth 23-25, and watched rows of high-pole lights standing on the port shore, like steel sentries lighting torches for berthed freighters and loading trucks. Especially when the chairman said that 80% of the high-pole lighting at Jingtang Port was implemented by LBM, all staff were enthusiastic. Pride sprang up.


    On the 29th, all the employees were led by the chairman to another project of LBM's Jingtang Port, the 36-40 berth wharf. They visited the high-pole lamp lifting control system developed by LBM and the spraying and dust-removing equipment of the coal yard. In front of the high pole which has dropped the lamp plate in advance, the chairman explained the working principle of the high pole lamp lifting control system in detail to explain how the system raised the lamp plate to the top of the high pole, and how to drop the lamp plate for maintenance. All the staff present were proud of their skillful skills.


    The chairman explained to all the staff the lifting principle of the high pole lamp.


    Lift-up high-pole lamp holder

    In the coal yard, the chairman demonstrated how the sprinkler sprayed dust, the scene shocked.


    The study tour is rich in content and short in time, but the arrangement is compact. Through this study, every employee's soul has been strongly impacted, and the great cause that LBM is engaged in has been felt, the advantages and potential of the company has been seen, the enthusiasm of employees has been stimulated, the concept of unity and progress has been promoted, and the strongest sound of the enterprise to speed up its progress and resolutely accomplish its annual goals has been played.


    To celebrate the birthday of our motherland, all the staff danced the Bonfire Dance


    Sometimes when we ride the wind and break the waves, we hang up the clouds and sails to save the sea.


    Project site photo


    Bodhi Island Park Photo

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